The Real Secret to Quickly Building your own List

Ironically, the internet is the last place where you would want your secret to be kept ‘safe’! The internet has grown and how! So much so that even the top secret files of the military and some government is available on the internet! But even then there are some good kept secrets but no secrets are best kept. It is only a matter of time when an individual comes to know about the stuff he is scavenging on the internet. Search engines have not spared anything and therefore for a website to be labeled as a good site or fall within the first SERP, website designers are leaving no stone unturned.

Most of you know about email list building and might have a vague idea on how the thing works. But there are fewer people who actually know the system and can use the same to extract profits out of the same! There cannot be a single ‘source’ that can be tagged as ‘the best’ tip to build a list because there has to be a chain of tools to be used and a series of methods to be followed to build a list faster than what you would have taken to achieve had you been using any one of them! However, if you wanted just the real secret, it would undoubtedly be using a Squeeze Page to build a list faster.

Using a Squeeze Page & Autoresponder to Reap Profits!

The squeeze page makes such a difference that if you leave out the use of the same in your strategy, you will lose a major chunk of your list. And just by considering the squeeze page, you can help majority of the contribution in your list! Statistical studies show that a squeeze page can surely convert more than 50% of your website visits to a part of your email list! Even by conservative estimates, that is huge!

A squeeze page is basically a technology that compels or rather convinces your visitors in a way that they should sign up on the website to gain further access to the contents of the site. In a way this works better than most strategies because humans are by nature, inquisitive. And their level of inquisitiveness increases further when they are prohibited to do something. The same psychology is used in a squeeze page, except the fact that it is not prohibitive but encouraging in a way that supports the sign up to let access the information on the site. Quite understandably, the presentation has to be at top, in the arrangement of things because this is it that will compel your visitor to invest their faith in you.

After they sign up, use an Autoresponder to make them feel welcome and allow them access to your site. Give your visitors a landing page so that they can easily face the transition from the page to the sign-up. Response is what all list builders crave for but forget that without adequate investment of resources they cannot expect to get a decent enough response! Having said that, it is a world of give and take! And getting numbers on your email list is no exception!

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